Stone Protectant

Product Working Principle:

The main active components will permeate into inside of the stone with solvent and they will integrate firmly with the stone by creating chemical bond in the pore and its wall of the stone. In addition, the fluorine in the protectant will significantly reduce the stone’s surface tension, thus reduce adhesion of oil on the surface and strengthen its oil resistance. 

Functions and Features:

The product is made ofa organtic fluorine modification and organic silicon and prevents stone from absorbing water. The product has strong waterproof function. In addition, it can prevent stones become white, yellow, rusting and water-stained. The product also has the following features: It prevents stone from aging, extends stone’s life and keeps the original style of the architecture. It is highly permeable, waterproofing, oil resistant, stain resistant and mildew proof. It is also safe, environment friendly, anti-ultraviolet, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and acid and alkali resistant. The stones are easy to maintain by wiping with water. The product is very economic.

Construction Flow:

1. Floor cleaning

2. Discharge printing

3. Drying 

4. Cover casting

5. Maintenance

6. Complete and acceptance

Application Scope:

The product can be used on the surfaces of both natural stones and man-made stones (including marble, granite, terrazzo, cultured stone, and sandstone).It can also be used on terra-cotta, bricks and mortar seams for waterproofing. It is particularly useful for all kinds of top-grade stones, art architecture, guardrails, sidesteps, walls, ground and table-boards.

Products and Services

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