Dayan (Shanghai) Building Materials Company Ltd. (Hereinafter as Dayan Company) is established in China with strong support from Japan based Corporation ROCK FIELD CO. LTD featuring with Hi-tech building materials.The company has been introducing hi-tech building materials developed in the institute in Japan and its core technologies have been patented both in China and Japan. It has developed main products of high quality, such as Self-repairing coating waterproofing material and Stone Protectant.The products of Dayan Company are ripe and have reliable quality which gets the praise of clients. The products are well developed with reliable quality, getting high praises from clients.

Dayan Company has a team of experienced and certified engineers who have received professional trainings,The company is well recognized by its clients due its detailed and comprehensive construction project plans.

Dayan Company has impressed the public with its image of integrity and honesty, its brand and its, idea, The company continues to introduce new technologies. develop itself and pays attention to its product quality and excellent service to gain the market. The company sincerely hopes to develop collectively with the society to create a better future.

About Us

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